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A Tree of Life Memorial Kit is the environmentally-friendly alternative to a burial or spreading ashes, and gives you the chance to see something beautiful grow from the remains of the person or pet you have sadly lost.

Cherish their Memory With a Long Lasting, Beautiful Memorial

Losing a loved one is a difficult experience, but we believe that creating a growing memorial can give considerable comfort.

With a Tree of Life Living Memorial, you’ll have a truly meaningful alternative to the traditional choice that might feel impersonal, or simply not right for the person or pet you are remembering. Using the cremated ashes of a loved one to grow a plant, shrub or tree of your choice is a comforting and long-lasting way to commemorate their life.

Alongside your Tree of Life planting kit, you’ll purchase a flowering plant, tree, shrub or bush from a nursery or garden centre that best reflects your lost loved ones personality, as well as choosing a meaningful location. As time passes, you’ll tend to the memorial and watch it flourish and grow into a beautiful reminder of their life.

Tree of Life gives you adaptable and flexible options, so you can commemorate in the best way for you. You can select the right size Memorial Planting Kit for your needs – there are options suitable for a small outdoor plot, indoor house plant, right up to kits for large trees.

When you choose a Tree of Life kit, you will receive everything you need to commemorate your loved one in the best way for you.

If needed, we can guidance on choosing the best size and variety of tree or shrub, and explain exactly how to plant. You’ll receive detailed instructions in your planting kit.

A Kinder Choice for The Planet

A Tree of Life Memorial is an environmentally-conscious way to honour the memory of the deceased. By choosing cremation and then planting the remains, you are removing the need for the carcinogenic and toxic chemicals used in embalming and burial.

Traditionally, it has not been possible to plant a tree directly with the ashes of the deceased, as this doesn’t provide the plant with the nutrients or pH levels it needs to thrive. However, by combining the remains with Tree of Life’s unique, enriching compost mixture, you will be able to plant your tree or shrub with the remains, assured that you’re giving the plant the best opportunity to flourish into a beautiful, enduring memorial.

Tree of Life is a UK-based business, and we make sure everything in our products is sustainably sourced. Everything in our sets is either recyclable, compostable or biodegradable, so you can be sure you’re selecting the most eco-friendly option.

If you are not planning to use the specialist soil mixture immediately, you can decant the mix into a non-perishable container to store it, as the cotton bag is designed to break down over time.

Losing a Loved One

Losing an important person or a beloved pet is hard for everyone, and we understand that people will mourn in different ways.

Grief is a natural response to loss, and taking the time to grieve, accepting that this may be a long process, is important.

We believe that by planting a tree with the remains of your loved one, and caring for that plant as it grows, can bring comfort during this difficult period.

Gardening is a powerful tool to help improve mental health and give you support through the process of grief.

You can find out more about the therapeutic qualities of gardening and nature below, and you can also read more over on our blog where we regularly post useful information.

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