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How is planting ashes with the Tree of Life mixture different to using ordinary soil or compost?

Cremated remains have a very high pH, and when combined with ordinary soil or compost, this will prevent a plant from flourishing. The plant will not get the nutrients it needs, and it is highly likely that it would not survive.

The specialist soil mixture you receive when you purchase a Tree of Life kit has been carefully created to balance out the extreme conditions created by the compounds found in cremated remains. It provides your chosen plant with the nutrients it needs to thrive.

How does a Tree of Life Memorial Planting Kit work?

Tree of Life is a specialist soil mix kit that allows you to plant the cremated remains of a loved one with a tree or plant of your choice. This allows you the freedom to select a plant that you feel represents the deceased, a truly personal memorial.

The kit works through the specialist soil mix which has been developed to give your chosen plant or tree the best possible chance of survival. When your kit arrives, simply follow the instructions inside the box. For an overview of the instructions, have a look at our How it works page.

Is scattering ashes bad for the environment?

Scattering one person’s ashes doesn't pose a serious threat to the natural surroundings, as it's such a small amount. However, human cremated ashes have a very high pH level. When there is a high quantity of them, they are toxic to plant life and wildlife. In locations that are very popular for scattering ashes, there can be a detrimental effect to the wildlife in the area.

What do I get in the product box?

When you place an order, we will always aim to ship within 2 working days unless we notify you otherwise. In the box you will receive:

- Detailed instructions

- Specialist soil mixture

- Measuring scoop

The flowering plant, tree, bush or shrub is chosen by you, from a nursery or garden centre of your choice. We specialise in the soil mixture and leave the plant selection up to you, this allows you to select the perfect plant to memorialise your lost loved one.

Do I have to be an experienced gardener to use Tree of Life?

Tree of Life is very simple, and suitable for anyone from a novice to an expert gardener. You’ll get clear, easy-to-follow instructions inside your kit, so you’ll know exactly how to plant your memorial tree.

We are also on hand to help if you have any issues with the planting process. You can contact us on info@thetreeoflife.uk and we will get back to you promptly. Please include your telephone number in your email if you would like a call back.

Can I add more than one person's ashes?

Yes, there is no limit to how many people’s ashes you can add, provided you don’t add more combined remains than is specified in your instructions. The amount of cremated remains to be added will depend on what size kit you have purchased.

A small kit can be used with less ash than a medium or large. Therefore, if you would like to add more than one person’s remains, then we would recommend purchasing a medium or large kit.

Can I plant with remains which were cremated some time ago?

Yes, there is no time limit on when the ashes can be planted.

Can I still scatter some of the ashes as well as using them with Tree of Life?

Yes. When using Tree of Life, you will not plant all of the cremated remains, so there will be some left over.

What’s the difference between a Tree of Life kit and a biodegradable urn?

Choosing how to commemorate a loved one is a personal and important process, and there are many options to consider. Here at the Tree of Life we give you the chance to select a personnel plant and location for your memorial, and give your plant the best chance to thrive.

You could alternatively opt for a biodegradable urn. Biodegradable urns break down over time, slowly releasing the cremated remains into the soil. Some come with seeds included, so that plants can then grow at the site of burial. However, using seeds is potentially risky compared to an established plant, as not all seeds will be able to germinate and grow. You may also be restricted in your plant choices.

When choosing a Tree of Life Memorial Kit, you select an established plant of your choice, enabling you to personalise the memorial for the deceased, creating something unique. You’ll also have a memorial created as soon as you’ve planted, rather than having to wait for the seeds to grow. You can be assured that everything we post out to you is biodegradable and compostable.

Do I have to bury the Tree of Life bag with the plant?

No, when you receive your kit the instructions will talk you through step-by-step what to do. The bag that the specialist soil mix comes in is not planted into the ground. If you're not going to use the planting kit immediately, we recommend decanting the specialist soil mixture into a different container as the organic cotton bag is designed to biodegrade overtime.

Which plants or trees work best with Tree of Life?

When choosing a Tree of Life, you're also choosing the freedom to select the perfect flowering plant, tree, bush or shrub that best represents your lost loved one.

Most common plants that grow well in the UK will work when planted with Tree of Life.

It is most important to consider the conditions of where you want to plant. Take into account how much sun the area gets, the soil type and drainage and make sure that you select a plant or tree that will cope well in these conditions. You can visit www.rhs.co.uk for guidance on what plant is best suited for your chosen area.

Alternatively we are able to help you assess your planting space and select the perfect plant, please use the Contact Us form or send an email to info@thetreeoflife.uk

I have planted my kit and my plant/tree doesn’t look very healthy, what should I do?

When gardening, nothing is ever guaranteed and some plants or trees may fail, for no particular reason other than nature itself. Here at Tree of Life we have created the soil mix to give your chosen plant or tree the best possible chance of success.

However if your plant or tree doesn't seem to be thriving then here are some troubleshooting points to work through:

- Check the ideal conditions for your selected plant. Different plants and trees can have very specific requirements. This could include checking things such as soil type, water and drainage, the amount of sunlight the plant's getting per day, exposure to extreme temperatures, pests and many more.

- For further information we recommend checking the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) website for excellent instruction on specific plant care. Simply search for the name of the plant you're having difficulty with.

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